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2022年一分钟英语自我介绍 篇一

Saying goodbye to childhood,we step into another important time in the pace of young,facing new situations,dealing with different problems……everyone has his ownunderstanding of young,it is a period of time of beauty and wonders,only after you have experienced the sour ,sweet ,bitter and salty can you really become a person of significance.thre time of young is limitted,it may pass by without your attention,and when you discover what has happened ,it is always too late.grasping the young well means a better time is waiting for you in the near future,or the situation may be opposite .

2022年一分钟英语自我介绍 篇二

I waited a long time out in the world before I gave myself permission to fail. Please don't even bother asking. Don't bother telling the world you are ready. Show it. Do it.

I hate that word — 'lucky.' It cheapens a lot of hard work

I spend my nights just sitting and reading a book and drinking my tea and walking my dog. That's about as exciting as my life gets.

[on his dwarfi] When I was younger, definitely, I let it get to me. As an adolescent, I was bitter and angry and I definitely put up these walls. But the older you get, you realize you just have to have a sense of humour. You just know that it's not your problem. It's theirs.

Any swagger is just defense. When youre reminded so much of who you are by people - not a fame thing, but with my size, constantly, growing up - you just either curl up in a corner in the dark or you wear it proudly, like armor or something. You can turn it on its head and use it yourself before anybody else gets a chance.

You can say no. You can not be the object of ridicule.

2022年一分钟英语自我介绍 篇三

Of course, some people say defending the indefensible is just politics as usual, but I don’t accept that – and I hope you won’t, either.

When extreme partisanship replaces reason, logic, facts and data, the country suffers – and special interests win. I’ve seen it time and time again, on issue after issue: gun violence, education, public health, and even one that threatens life as we know it: climate change.

Yesterday, I stood with WashU’s next chancellor, Andrew Martin, and the president of Ohio State University to announce that Bloomberg Philanthropies will help sponsor the first-ever climate summit of Midwestern universities next year right here on this campus.

We were joined by your mayor here, Lyda Krewson, because St. Louis, and WashU, has never…has always been a real leader on climate change.

Last year, this city was one of the winners of a climate competition my foundation ran. And we are now providing about $2.5 million of resources to help St. Louis increase energy efficiency and expand solar power – a goal that WashU is helping the city to achieve. Thank you very much.

2022年一分钟英语自我介绍 篇四

Self-introductionHello everyone! My is......, from Qinzhou. I’m so glad to meet you, and I’m currently a student at Guangxi Textile Industrial School. my major is knitting. It’s my pleasure to join the CHAMPION training camp, because I love English and I hope I can learn something in the training for my future work. As we all know English is very useful in every field.My English is limited that’s why I’m here. I know it’s a huge challenge for me to conquer English, but I believe that “No pains, no gains, success belongs to the persevering”, I hope I can learn more from you, Thank you!

2022年一分钟英语自我介绍 篇五

大家好。 我的名字叫xxx,我来自中国广东。Hello everybody. My name is xxxx. I come from Guangdong province in China。我很高兴来这里和你们一起念书,当我三天前来到这个学校时,我就喜欢上它了这里是那么美丽,那么振奋人心,这里的每个人都对我很亲切,特别是Kim 老师。而这个班集体对我来说就像一个大家庭。

I am very happy to come here to studywith you.When I arrived at this school three days ago, I fell in love with it.It is so beautiful and exciting here, and everyone iskind to me especially Kim.This class feels just like one big family to me.


I’m interested in sports, music and mountainclimbing.I also enjoy playing soccer. I would love to play with you sometime.I hope I can become your friend soon. Thankyou very much.


我的性格沉稳,同时又不失开朗。善于交朋友,广交朋友。 我的爱好广泛:听音乐,摄影,玩电脑,当然最喜欢的还是体育锻炼,篮球乒乓球,足球等等,这也是我为什么选择体育专业的原因。

现在在大学的我,想在大学里好好读书,并积极参加学校活动偶尔去做工作。 对于未来,四年后或许会延续我的专业,利用专业知识找工作,或许我会选择自主创业。 总之,我会用自己的双手和能力创造无悔人生。

2022年一分钟英语自我介绍 篇六

we have to be part of a solution through political activi that puts the screws to our elected officials. Let me reiterate, this has gone from a scientific challenge to a political one. And it’s time for all of us to recognize that climate change is the challenge of our time.

As President Kennedy said 57 years ago on the moon mission, “we are willing to accept this challenge, we are unwilling to postpone it, and we intend to win it.” We must again do what is hard. Dammit, I meant to say hard.

Graduates, we need your minds and your creativity to achieve a clean energy future. But that’s not all. We need your voices. We need your votes. And we need you to help lead us where Washington will not. It may be a moonshot, but it’s the only shot we’ve got.

As you leave this campus, I hope you will carry with you the MIT’s tradition of taking – and making – moonshots. Be ambitious in every facet of your life. And don’t ever let something stop you because people say it’s impossible. Let those words inspire you. Because just as trying to make the impossible possible can lead to achievements you’ve never dreamed of. And sometimes, you actually do land on the moon.












尊敬的各位老师:大家好!(鞠躬)我叫,来自南袁庄小学,今天我演讲的题目是:( 我们爱祖国 )。(开场声音要洪亮)什么是祖国?(稍稍仰头)我们天天在思索,一年长一岁,(竖一个手指)答案有千万个。小时候,她是妈妈的摇篮曲,长大了,她是长江、黄河,她是巍峨的烈士纪念塔,她是蓝天里飞翔的白鸽,(右手依次向右上方移动)她是国徽在阳光下闪烁, 她是我们心中的一首爱之歌。(声调上扬有力,双手在胸前比心形)祖国有






关于2022年关于读书演讲稿模板 篇一 尊敬的老师同学们:大家好!今天我演讲的题目是《我读书我快乐》。读书,是一种享受,也是一种快乐。捧起它,它是圣洁的;翻开它,它是万能的;阅读它,它是美妙的。小时候,我就和书结下了不解之缘,从漫游书海中尝到了不少快乐。记得我上一年级时,妈妈对我说:“课外书中有好多故事等着和我们交朋友呢!我们赶快去读读吧,会找到很多快乐的。”我有点不相信,不过我还是拿出了妈妈早就






2022年中学生演讲稿范文 篇一金风送爽,桂子飘香,我们迎来了新学年、新学期,我们更迎来了祖亲的生日。同学们,在这个激动人心的日子里,我想问大家:作为一个新世纪的中学生,你将如何展现我们的风采?如何让我们的学校的形象更加美好?如何让远方的客人感受到我们黄山二中的新面貌?大家都知道,我们中国是人类历史上四大文明古国之一,是一个地大物博、历史悠久的礼仪之邦。中华民族五千年的发展历程,代代传承了许许多多